Slot Bonuses

When you sit down to a game of slots, you do so with the full knowledge that you’re about to play a game of luck. Slots are not a game of skill – payouts are entirely random, but on the other hand, they can also be enormous. It isn’t unheard-of for players to win life-changing payouts of millions of pounds.

Even though it’s a game of luck and not skill, experienced slot players understand that it is also about staying in the game long enough to win. In order to do this, you can accept one of many types of bonuses from your online casino of choice. Why do online casinos offer bonuses? Well, the online casino industry is extremely competitive and online casinos are happy to provide potential players with all types of bonuses to attract them to play at their site. If you like slots and you’d really like to maximise your chances of winning, here are just a few of the bonuses you can expect to enjoy.

A No Deposit Bonus
This is a risk-free bonus that is given to players as a free money gift. There is no need to deposit anything to take advantage of this bonus – all you have to do is register and you’ll be given some money to try out the games on at the online casino. The games, which you play for free, yield real profit and the money you win will be credited back to your account.

You may find that the games that you are allowed to play may be restricted, for example progressive jackpots won’t be part of the inventory – but this is more than made up for by the fact that the money is absolutely free.

A Deposit Bonus
This type of bonus is designed to help a player maximise their cash. It takes form as a percentage applied to the player’s deposit; a player can instantly double or triple your money without doing a thing except depositing. A 300% bonus on your first deposit would mean that you can deposit £20 and take to the floor with £80 in your account, effectively quadrupling your time on the slots.

Free Spins
Free spins is another type of bonus offered by some casinos. They select particular machines to offer this on and you can enter the casino and see the slot machine working – better still, you’ll collect the cash from the free spins. It’s a great choice for players who aren’t that fussy about which slot they play on.

Free Play
Free play is a versatile way of trying out a whole lot of slot games completely risk-free! It’s limited by time and whatever profit you make during that period will be yours to keep. If you don’t manage to make a profit, don’t worry – because it wasn’t your money to begin with!

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