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Did you mourn when the London Olympics were over? It’s funny how many people talk about the Olympics and don’t understand the history behind the Games or where they came from – which is of course rooted deep in ancient Greece and Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece and as legend has it, the home of the twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world.

If you’re a player for whom all that is old news, I’m sure you’re going to be impressed with the release of Legends Of Olympia slot machine, done by the BetOnSoft developers. You mightn’t have heard of the game or the developers before, but there’s no doubt that this slot was one of their most popular.

Released in time for the 2012 London Olympics, Legends Of Olympia has five reels and fifty paylines, so there are plenty of chances to win. Thankfully, you can adjust the level of coin play so you can always play at the full fifty paylines for maximum chances to win without hurting your bank balance each time you spin. Of course, you might like the fact that the bigger you bet, the more you can win, so you may prefer to play for big bucks!

To suit the theme, the Legends Of Olympia reels are filled with sporty symbols like javelin, long jump and the stadium, not to mention the all-important bronze, silver and gold medals. Each symbol is crafted in amusing cartoon fashion which makes the game feel like you’re in another world! The quality of the images really shows that the developers have put serious effort and time into this game and I know you’re going to love the features available.

The Olympic torch carrier functions as the wild, and it’s just a fantastic bonus that they form expanding wilds to your chances of winning increase greatly. Like most slots, you can win free spins by spinning the scatters and once you trigger this round, you only need to sit back and enjoy as the winnings come pouring in. You can pick up up to 20 free spins if you spin five scatters and they also carry a multiplier, so you can pray to the gods for free spins if you want to win big.

It wouldn’t be a complete review without talking about the generous payouts available on the slot. The maximum coin jackpot is 30,000 coins – quite sufficient for those who would like to play for fun!

Legends of Olympia is perfect for newbie slot players or those who appreciate a good bit of history. Make sure you give it a shot!

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