The lucrative and handsome bonuses that are associated with the jackpots in a slot game are a big factor that make slots the most favourite of all games. Though people refer to the thrill and excitement associated with the game of slots, the money that comes in cannot be ignored at all – nor would you want to!

A progressive jackpot refers to an accumulation of money that is growing steadily over the period of time. Since in a slot game, many players are playing the game all at once from various parts of the world, the jackpot associated with it keeps on growing bigger and bigger as more and more players come and join the game. The jackpot will build even faster if the software provider links several slots on the same network, or if the slots happen to be particularly popular.

Progressive jackpots are those which keep on getting larger and larger as more and more players join the game and so does the pool of money, until one day a lucky player strikes the jackpot. The pool of money is taken to a certain level after this big win and is reasonable enough to be tried for a win.

There are some slots that are non-progressive; the pool of money does not increase with each player entering the game and the sum of money stays constant. Winning the jackpot is associated with a certain event in the slot, for example the appearance of a pile of wild symbols as a stack on a play line or the appearance of scatters in some numbers across the screen. The payout associated with a non-progressive jackpot are not as huge as are those which result from progressive jackpots.

The thrill and excitement associated with playing for a jackpot are worth a try and if one wins the jackpot, this can be a life changing opportunity. There are still some people who do not want to take risks and go for rather simple slots that are easier and result in regular wins. If you’ve never tried playing for a jackpot, it can be a real thrill!

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