History of Slots

It was the year 1887 when an American mechanic by the name of Charles Fey in the state of California developed the first ever gambling game of slots. It was a simple machine with three reels with five symbols on each: spades, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes and a Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell gave the highest payout and thus the machine was named after it.

The Liberty Bell became so famous that Fey could not keep up with the demand, and various people tried developing modified versions of it. Sittman and Pitt developed a five-reel 50-cardface slot machine. It had a number of poker combinations to determine payouts and modern day slot machines are said to be modifications of this five-reeled slot machine.

Later in the year 1963, after a big gap, the next modified version of slot was developed by Bally developers in the form of a fully electromechanical slot machines, that came to be known as Money Honey. It was amazing in the fact that it could pay around 500 coins without needing any assistance, so casino owners could stock many and not employ staff to look after them.

In 1976, video slots made waves in the casino gaming industry, and further modifications to make them more tamper-proof earned them a popularity that persists to this day.

Modern advanced technology has enabled slot machine developers to increase the number of pay lines in slot machines, so much so that number of pay lines has increased from 1 to 9 to 50. These days, many slot machines do not use the idea of paylines at all; rather they use predetermined patterns of more than 243 ways to win.

Slot machines account for most of the games in a casino and supersede other games in terms of the revenue they earn. More and more themes, bonus games, coins are being introduced in a lot machines as they move online, leading to increased attraction of the players to the interesting and lucrative game, eliminating the issue of space altogether.

Software developers are expected to increase the graphic richness of movie based themes in slot machines, and increasing the bonuses for each game.

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