General Slot Features

Slot machines are some of the most famous games in a casino; each day new players enter the casino to witness the slot experience. Playing on a slot for the first time is equally fun as they are the simplest machines and the wide variety of themes available makes them quite interesting as well. There are many different slots to satisfy all interests but the general features of each slot are the same.

1. Wild Symbol
The wild symbol is widely accepted and taken as the most popular symbol in the slot game. Its popularity lies in the fact that it can replace most of the other symbols in a slot game, and thus can be very useful in assisting a player to complete winning combinations. The wild symbol replaces most of the other symbols on the slot other than the trigger and scatter.

2. Scatter Symbol
The Scatter symbol is also one general feature available on most slots. Winning payouts can be claimed against scatter symbols no matter where on the slot screen they appear and no matter how many paylines are activated. The more scatter symbols you spin, the higher the payout will be.

3. Free Spins
Another feature of slot machines that are a user favorite are the free spins and these can be claimed after a set of particular symbols is activated over a payline. Usually the symbols that trigger free spins is the scatter symbol that must appear thrice or more on a slot screen. Free spins also increase the chances of winnings of a player by spinning the reels for free. Basically, the spins occur for free and you get to keep the payout!

4. Bonus Games
Bonus games are the feature of slot machines that best use the theme to illustrate a fun and exciting side game. Not only the games great to play, but they are also often the feature that pays out the most money on a slot.

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